Extension name takes up way too much space ...

BradS1234 5 years ago updated by s3352140 5 years ago 4

This was never good, but since the latest FF update they've re-arranged things and I can't even see my browser location bar... your extension name takes up most of it!

Why do you feel the need to write it out in full...

ie. Speed Dial [FVD] New Tab Page, 3d Wall, Sync

Plus Firefox adds the word 'extension in front...

Plus you've got your favicon in there too!!!!

There's branding and there's spamming... this is just overkill.

Can you use a simple, small icon ... like everyone else... so we can use the browser location bar again!

'overkill' is an understatement!  this is ridiculous.  an the irony is, that it doesn't even display their 'brand'. so it's unwanted AND ineffective noise

It's pulling the info from the Add-on library description title.

You can now turn off the Show Page Action button in Speed Dial > Options > Appearance.

Afraid that doesn't make any significant difference... 2/3 my location bar is hogged by your branding.

Suggest you experiment with your Add-on library title and description to see if you can find a combo that's a little more user friendly.

I get that you want to put your brand there, but as it is, we can't see the full thing anyway, so a shorter version would be more effective for you as well. Even just 'speed dial' would be better for you and your users.

> hogged by your branding.

The purpose of branding is to get customers to recognize and APPRECIATE your brand.  Your verbose text 'brand' does NOTHING other than get in the way -- to the point where it's making using the damn thing annoying as hell.  Do you really think that helps your brand?  Put NO TEXT there, just an icon, and stop wasting space.