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No thumbnail on some dials in Firefox on Android.

Doahh 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 3

I have installed Speed Dial in Firefox on Android and then restored my dials from the server. Some of the dials do not have a screenshot and show only the throbber. I have tried to manually refresh the dial, restore from a .sd file and also restore from the exported text that Speedial creates on it's first setting page. I have also tried to delete the existing dial and recreate it. I still get the same throbber.

Less importantly, the URL is now mox-ex://hdsjadhwjqhdjhr832478374 ... it used to be a nice fvd:// is there any way to restore that?

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix these issues?

Under review


Do you have same problem on Firefox for PC?

No, Firefox on the PC does not show any problems.

Ok, we will check.