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Default start page Firefox

Ciolman 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 11


I'm using FVD Speed Dial within Firefox 57. Is it possible to keep the default start page of Firefox instead of the Speed Dial when I strat Firefox? I wish to use the Sped Dial only by clicking on the Speed Dial button present in the toolbar.

Thanks for your help.

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Try to change it in Firefox settings. There is option to select start page



I've already try this. Each time I restore the default parameters or set "about:home" in the preferences, the Speed Dial replaces the default home page after 1 or 2 seconds. If I set "www.google.com" or a blank page it is ok, but not for "about:home".

Is it the normal behaviour ?

Go to the extension settings and copy the address

Open Firefox Settings

Select Home page settings

Replace options.html with newtab.html


Sorry but your proposition is exactly the opposite of what I want ;-)

What I want is to keep the default start page (about:home) when I start Firefox.

Currently I get the Speed Dial instead of the default start page, even if I don't change this setting in my Firefox's preferences.


To turn it off - this setting will be available next update. We plan release it next week.

Great ! I'm looking forward ;-)


Since your last message, I don't see any update.

Some news to come ?

Best Regards.


First of all : Happy new Year ! ;-)

Concerning my question about the default start page, have you some updates to come ?

Hello! We found out that it's impossible to keep both Firefox start page and Speed dial start page in Firefox 57+. In Firefox legacy we had this option, but now it's not possible anymore.


I discovered today that you have been able to set again the "Show Speed Dial on startup" option !

Thank you so much !