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Firefox new window issue

Erkan 7 year бұрын жаңартылды 7 year бұрын 6
The speed dial keeps opening and closing all the dials saved over and over for a few seconds for each one.

This is so annoying!

Under review

This are dials updating their images. You can turn this function off in Settings -> Global Options Main tab - Turn off auto update

Thanks for the prompt reply! Will try...

BTW, one year ago, this was not an issue despite auto update is on.

Something is happened after the updates...


Yes, it's new Firefox version. Since Firefox 57 old XUL addons are no longer supported. So we had to change our addon to the newer version (based on WebExt) for Firefox 57. That's why old methods are no longer supported.

Auto update turned off solved the issue.

It would be perfect, if a workaround could be found for this, at least for the dials created for Webmails!

Anyway, thanks a lot for your support.


Depending on how many dials you have, I would suggest editing dials to a longer update time. Select a time like every 15, 30, 45 minutes, 1 plus hours or days. Each dial time can be set individually or you can change it for all dials all at once in settings.


Its a good idea! Thanks Daniel.