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Open this Site in current Tab (not Open new tab) Option

Jude 5 years ago updated by Gleb Khegay 5 years ago 5

SuperStart has it. Really thankful and time-saving to view this site right in the current tab

Under review

You cab edit this setting in FVD Speed dial settings

Thank you for prompt reply, I see the that setting, but it's either choosing A or B in setting. What I really want to have is the options to do that in each Speed dial site. For example: clicking on each site will open new tab, but it has a button to open in current tab. Is it possible?

Jude, use mouse wheel click to do this. Or combination Ctrl + Click, Shift + Click

It works not only in Speed dial. but in all browsers for all links as well

Thank you @Gleb, but as an advanced users I already know that.
If you look closely, what I ask for is a button for each Speed Dial site, to open that site in Current tab. Open in new tab is easy with Ctrl or Shift click, but how do you open in current tab, except Right click and choose "Open in tab" -> It's 2 clicks away and I want it to have a visible 1-click.

I set Open in current tab in settings. When I click on dial, it just opens in current tab.

When I need to open dial in background tab, I use Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click