I want to be able to choose my search engine for FVD Speed Dial

Clogue 7 years ago updated by xian555 7 years ago 1

I have not been able to figure out how to change the FVD Speed Dial default search engine from Yahoo to Google (or anything else). Even when I blocked Yahoo domain and URL in FVD Speed Dial preferences, Yahoo is still launched from the FVD Speed Dial search bar. Argh!!


The fact that Nimbus Web inc. in its Speed Dial app shows "Google" on its home page as the active search engine and in fact Yahoo is actually used qualifies this app as a Malware subcategory allowing use of user info, searches, for commercial needs, by a company chosen by Niumbus Web, and not the user.  This cannot be a bug and is reported several times by multiple users in this forum in different ways, without correction by Nimbus, or indication that they will correct it.

This is a breach of trust by Nimbus Web with its user base.  This is a nice product, but there is enough abuse by companies with user information on the internet to add to it.

Nimbus Web needs to reply CLEARLY as to the correction of this inappropriate programming of their app.

This post will be placed on other blogs if an answer is not produced or this comment not replied to by Nimbus Web, or this comment erased.