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Can I import from "Speed Dial by Josep del Rio"?

Tim0926 7 years ago updated by patrik magnusson 7 years ago 4

I've been using "Speed Dial by Josep del Rio" for years.  Can I import my speed dial data from that add-on to this one?

Under review

Please post URL of the initial extension

The only option is to import into regular bookmarks if it possible and then our extension converts bookmarks into speed dials

In Speed Dial FVD v23 it was possible to import dials from Speed Dial by Josep del Rio. Unfortunately that old version only imports a subset of the dials and shows an error sign for the rest.

Any chance you can bring back a bug fixed version of the importer now when Josep Del Rios Speed Dial just stopped working with Firefox Quantum? Josep Del Rios Speed Dial do have about twice as many users as FVD's - so there should be quite many users that wants to migrate now.