ALL DAY LONG this is opening new tabs in my browser and opening all the dials, all the time. Had to remove it from Mozilla because it made it unusable. Now its happening in Chrome. I have used this for years, but I am about to trash it b/c of this.

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Why is this happening?  I had to uninstall it from Mozilla because this issue made it unusable.  Its doing it in Chrome constantly now too.  I've have used this program for YEARS - I love it.  But if this continues, I am going to have to trash it and find something new.  Please fix this.

The same is going on for me on Chrome and Firefox. It is a shame because it is the best ad on and I have been using it for years. 2008 Mac Pro, 10.11.6.


Hello! Do you mean your browser opens new tabs automatically? maybe it's some virus on your PC?

Reformatted the whole thing and still happening.

When did you notice such behavior?

After firefox big update around October 2017

Or may be you mean dials preview refresh? Turn it off in settings:

I have reformatted and reinstalled everything a-new. (Other issues)

Played with auto updates and disabled them. (Made no difference)

Disabled/uninstalled all other add on plugins. (Made no difference)

Just as bad on Chrome - It has always been misbehaving like Firefox is now.

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