Remove useless search bar

Amolith 5 years ago 0

I would like the option to remove the search bar. When I open anew tab, my text cursor is not focused on the search bar within FVD so it is uneconomical and a waste of my time to use it. It is even more of a waste because I hate not being able to change the search engine or use multiple (Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, etc.).

I think that it would be quite useful for users to be able to remove the search bar to maximise space for Speed Dials which would save a little time that, over time, would add up to a lot. In addition to this, the search bar, at present, is quite unattractive with the annoying font and the FVD Speed Dial icon beside it.

I'm filing this under "Bugs" because it seems as if the top ideas under "Ideas" are simply ignored.