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Lost major funtionality with last update

Chrizzilla 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 1


First of all, great addon, love it.

However, when updating from version 23.3.1 to 62.6.7, we seem to have lost the functionality to right click on a tab and see the context menu option for the addon. This wouldn't be a HUGE problem except now the context menu doesn't bring up the popup to change options, instead opting for the "quick" add option, which doesn't let the user change any settings for the speed dial (title of the dial, picture for the dial, etc.) This again, would not be a huge problem if it weren't for the fact that once a dial is created, it doesn't seem to be modifiable. The dialog that comes up when you click on "edit" for a dial has an apply button that does nothing.

reverted back to 23.3.1 until this is resolved.

Under review


That issue will be resolved in next updates