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Latest Firefox version constantly opens tabs from my dials automatically, can't find old version

Last Unturned Stone 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 2

I have one Windows 10 machine, FVD Speed Dial constantly opens a new tab in the task bar as it traverses my URLs, closes the tab, opens a new one (in Firefox), etc.. I was once directed to a v 23.3.1 page by support but now that page has the latest version on it, 62.6.7. So, must delete the add-on permanently it seems.


I have exactly the same problem with Win10, latest Firefox and the latest Speed Dial 2.
Firefox keeps opening a new tab, closes it, opens it again with a new page, closes it on and on.
Super annoying. When I disable Speed Dial, everything goes normal again with only one tab..... 

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Check out this screenshot