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Not opening in New Tabs

Tone 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 3

Speed Dial is no longer opening in new tabs. It will open as the homepage when I start a new window, but it won't open in new tabs. Everything else seems to be working fine, but I can barely use it because I can only access my dials when I open a new window.

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We launched update couple hours ago. Update extension to the latest version: 62.6.7

This is the simples option, not always help but we encourage to try. 

- Copy and paste in address bar about:support  
- Select following http://nimb.ws/Vm5pjy 
- Rename this folder to any name and restart Firefox http://nimb.ws/awxfuW BUT don't delete it. Just rename it, for example Storage_OLD

Here is VIDEO

If it won't help, let us know.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it's still not working.

You will need to do following:
Option #2 or #3

Unfortunately, you can't keep older version for a long because new FF57+ will automatically disable it. There is nothing we can do, that's how Firefox team implemented. 
We try to fix everything that is possible.

Highly recommend using EverSync to backup your dails.

Thank you.