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does not sync Unbuntu 17.10... goes round and round and forgets the sites it syncs

L R Bellmore Jr 7 ár síðan updated by nimbusweb 7 ár síðan 3

36 hours of syncing.. works on Windows 10 but fails to work on Ubuntu 17.10.. worked on 17.04.  Sadly doesn't work on Firefox anymore either... I have spent years building my everhelper/FVD Speed Dial for my profession.  

Clarifying.. these refer to Ubuntu 17.10 not Windows... but only to reference that they work in Windows 10 with Chrome but not the New Firefox Distro that will come out in Nov.  I am testing it.

Have not received the confirming email - tried twice.. info@trillioncapital.us

Under review


Can we try http://teamviewer.com/ ?