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Bug on lastest FVD 62.6.7

Otaku Faisal 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

first of all we need clean install firefox or refresh firefox on throubleshooting before install new FVD if not do it there will be alot of bug than this

here the bug i found after update

1. icon of fvd was disappear on addon

2. popup bug was appear if speed dial thumbnail was updated (my conclusion was turn off automatic update).

3. sync tab will froze if we cancel upload or download midway and it cant be fixed even after re-open fvd setting

4. fvd shortcut from toolbar will stuck if we use customize and drop it on menu and we cant remove it with drag and drop. only can remove if right click and remove

5. change style on dial from 3d to standart or reverse will reset global setting
6. little bit sluggish

Under review


Thank you for your feedback. I will forward to dev. team.

if instalation of new fvd when firefox was not refreshed or not clean
install sometime fvd dial page will not load, sometime it load very slow.