Please bring back the old UI. Change whatever you have to underneath, but this new UI is dysfunctional.

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- Loads very slowly and sometimes without previous settings. Should not have to reset every time.

- Get rid of that stupid 1970s background when trying to adjust dial size and opacity. Have to close every time to see the adjustment, Previous UI the user could see the adjustments as they were made. Why are we going backwards?

- Images do not fit in the dials. Even refreshing does not help, and the next time I start FF the images are wrong again. What is the functionality in making users reset everything every time?

- Left justifty the titles above the tiles. Centering takes away from the length of the title.

- Bring back the old UI, that would solve the problems. Fix what is needed underneath for FF57 but stop screwing with the functionality.



We launched update couple hours ago. Update extension to the latest version: 62.6.7


Update 62.6.7 loads faster (so far) but the issues with the images not fitting in the dials, the stupid background that blocks users from seeing dial size and opacity adjustments. And now when I click on the drop down window, when I try to close it the dial directly under it activates because the up arrow sits on and not above the dial. We would be better off with the old UI. Why did you mess with something that did not need to be changed? It worked perfectly. The new UI, even with bugs fixed, would not be as functional as the old one. Change is NOT always better.


New Firefox doesn't allow old legacy. We had to redo everything quickly. Will be improved next updates.

I am also struggling with the new version, the new optics is interesting but totally against the actual trend to simplify GUI's.

Even the dialogs need a while to be displayed, I would prefer a more simpler (and faster) look.

On the other hand it is a completely new program, so it may need a while until it will be perfect (or at least nearly perfect ;-)

For doing so, it would also be nice to see all buttons of a dialog, sometime it will get just placed to low, so I need to scroll the firefox window content to see the 'Ok' and 'Cancel' buttons.

BTW: I would like to see the edit dialog when clicking on the icon 'Add page to SpeedDial' like in the old versions.