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Problems at Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, Sync v. 62.6.7​

László Gerő 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8

This addon deleted all the titles, but I restored it from yesterday
backup (speeddial.sd). Add page to Speed Dial icon at title bar not
work! Missing the toolbar icon. Please correct these. Speed Dial [FVD]
- New Tab Page, Sync v. 62.6.7

Addon doesn't delete title. You probably talk about 3D Wall mode. You should go to settings and switch to Standard.

Also there is addon icon on the toolbar (near url-bar of browser).

or may be you should move it to the toolbar.

You true. I was wrong. But not work.

Only here work:

Not work here:

Work here:

Not work here:

could you sent me you profile folder to devapptest2407@gmail.com?

Is the whole profile? I have all my personal information in it. Sorry, no, its not.

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There are only 1 mistake left. This icon does not work. If I click with left button of mouse, nothing happens. My addon is Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, Sync ... 62.6.7. Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Firefox 56.0.1 (64 Bit).

Working on it to fix.

Thanks for the answer and addon development!