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Does not sync. It has been trying for hours now and nothing happens

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W trakcie analizy


Do you mean EverSync? Chrome or Firefox?

I am trying to sync speeddial using eversync with firefox.  but i'd like to then sync to chrome.

Did you use new version of FVD Speed Dial?

yes, i just downloaded the lastest speeddial a few days ago.  which created another problem.  there are no longer titles on any of my dials!  i have a lot of dials so that is an issue.  thanks for responding.  i am off to a meeting now and won't be able to check back for an hour or two.

Please try to reinstall FVD Speed Dial now.

That worked! And the titles have reappeared, at least for now (the appeared a couple days ago and then disappeared again).

Thank you for your help!

btw, i am switching to chrome in hopes that it doesn't crash as much as firefox.  i don't know if you work for mozilla, but firefox has become almost unusable.  i do have the most recent version of firefox. the crashes occur on my desktop and both my laptops (running windows 7 on desktop and 8 on laptops).

Yes, Chrome is more stable and predictable in terms of Extensions.