Sorting is all messed up

chipwiegand 5 years ago 0

When I have the Most Visited panel open the website icons are in no particular order. For example, my icons show clicks of, from left to right top row: 2521, 1150, 8355, 378. Second row, left to right: 877, 207, 186, 364. And so on. There is no order to the mess. Then I click to view the Speed Dial panel, and all the icons show 0 for clicks. What? They are the same sites that are listed on the Most Visited panel, yet they show 0 clicks? What on earth is going on here? And, there is a site on the Speed Dial panel that has more hits than half of the dials on the Most Visited panel, yet it is not on the Most Visited panel. For the Most Visited panel there is the option to sort by Date or Visits. Both of these option are useless. Sorting by date is no better than sorting by hits. How hard can it be to get something to sort properly? Not hard at all, please bring this app into the 21st century.


BTW, I am using FF 64bit, version 56.0 (the lastest version) and this is FVD SpeedDial 23.3.1