Slide icons

Guus 7 years ago 0

Love this extension. Would like it even more if it allows me to use a grid and drag icons from place to place. Say select a # of rows and columns, then be able to move icons within that grid.

What I like to do is group a few icons on each row and the next set of icons on the next row. This only works in the current format when all rows have the same amount of icons. In reality I do not have it like that, it is more like row 1: 6, row 2: 7, row 3: 6, row 4: 5.

But that means that the first icon from row 2 will be in the last spot of row 1 with 7 columns enabled.

Enable only 6 columns and the last icon from row 2 will become the first icon of row 3.