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No improvement - bring back the old speed dial

MJL17 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 2

Whatever fvd is doing with speed dial, it is BAD! It has lost all functionality. I just started it and all the settings are wrong again. I don't want to reconfigure every day. The dials look terrible, the image does not fit the dial. It is almost impossible to adjust the size and opacity of the dials since the background blocks the adjustment.The user has to make a little adjustment, close the settings in order to see what the change is. Before, the user could see the adjustment while it happened. This new version is TERRIBLE! Bring back the old speed dial and leave it alone. It was perfectly fine the way it was. The new UI sucks!


they cannot bring back the old speed dial and not change it as all addons have to be changed to work in the new firefox, and that limits them to what they can do with it.  wait until they release the new update

Under review


This is the simples option, not always help but we encourage to try. 

- Copy and paste in address bar about:support  
- Select following http://nimb.ws/Vm5pjy 
- Rename this folder to any name and restart Firefox http://nimb.ws/awxfuW BUT don't delete it. Just rename. 

If it won't help, let us know.

Also, if you don't see welcome message but settings get rest, that will be fixed next update soon.