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Lost all my groups and dials!!! Can't import speeddial.sd - "An error occured"

noshit 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 3

I had to reinstall Firefox. Naturally I have backed up all settings, bookmars and addon settings, including FVD Speed Dial and exported dials to speeddial.sd file. After reinstalling everything I can't import it due to "An error has occurred"! This isn't first time I backed up settings this way, but first time it doesn't work to import from backup.
I'm desperate now, is there anything I can do to recover all my dials that I've collected over the years??

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Please try to reinstall app now.

Reinstalling does not help. I ran two fixes that you recommend on the addon website ("First do this" and "if it didn't help, do this") and still nothing. All I'm getting when importing dials is "An error has occured when make import".

I am guessing this is because the .sd file was exported when I probably still had the version from October 9. , and after reinstalling Firefox and addons this morning, it was rolled down to July version. Is there anywhere I can reinstall the October version? And export the dials via FVD synchronizer? Or even just open the dials and preserve the Urls elsewhere.

.sd file should work anyways. If it doesn't work send it to us at team@nimbusweb.co

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