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getting sync problems with Eversync

GodSpeed7700 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 10

it is taking longer than 10 mins to sync or process just get stuck and this not the internet connectivity issue but the problem lies with FVD

Under review

OK, it shows error, but please check if all tiles and bookmarks were synced. If yes, this bug will be fixed next update. If not, we need teamview with you.

Thank you.

how can i check whether it is sync or not?

still now i am trying to sync the dials but not sncing it's already 30 mins and forget what i said about getting longer than 10 mins actually it is not syncing at all.

Can you check if your dials are all there or not. That maybe just visual bug that we will fix soon.

i logged in into eversync site to if its there but it seems that it's deleted .

well got it what this problem really is...

i have gone to add-ons to check that everything working properly then i clicked on eversync 'options' tab there that brought it's old sync tab then tried to sync from there and guess what....it worked!!

it seems new interface that you guys created not connecting properly to eversync addon

bro please sort this out in next update.

i have one suggestion for update that when we add new dial while we are on that site by clicking FVD logo in address bar it does pop window for selecting various options like it used to do in previous version it just randomly creating that dial in default tab of FVD page......previously there was option that let us select the group and look n feel of that dial.

i want you to bring that back in next update as well because it made things really simple for me and other users as well.

and thanx fr Quick reply and creating such Awesome add-on Bro!

We will option turn turn new pop up windows off next update soon.

no no..you don't get it..... i want that pop up window.

but adding the option of enabling and disabling that dial creation window at any time is good solution bro!

thanks!! :)

and plz sort this Sync issue bro!