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Last update is buggy

dimmonz43 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 3

Very-very-very slow loading dials page since last update. Lost ability to change dials size. After Browser restarting size returns to default. BAD!

Under review


This is the simples option, not always help but we encourage to try. 

- Copy and paste in address bar about:support  
- Select following http://nimb.ws/Vm5pjy 
- Rename this folder to any name and restart Firefox http://nimb.ws/awxfuW BUT don't delete it. Just rename. 

If it won't help, let us know.

It helped with dials sizes memory, thanks! But plugin's loading is still extremely slow, till "browser not responding" message.

How many dials do you have? Did you update to latest version?

We launched update couple hours ago. Update extension to the latest version: 62.6.7
settings issue should be fixed. Please double check in new update