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Hello! Speed dial starts to open tabs in new windows by it self

fleurmorte 2 года назад в FVD Speed Dial - FireFox обновлен nimbusweb 2 года назад 9

Hello! Speed dial starts to open tabs in new windows by it self!

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It creates thumbnails for tiles. In new WebEx Mozilla removed functionality that we used before. You can set dials to manual previews like Gallery images or your own images.

hi will you pls explain how to set all the dials to manual preview at once cause i cant do it one by one ...there are more than 700 dials

This happens to me every day, and I am at the point where I am going to uninstall it if its not fixed.  In Chrome, it opens 3 or 4 windows probably at least 2x an hour.  In mozilla, it opens windows without ceasing and has made Mozilla impossible to use because it just opens new windows one after another, constantly.  I had to disable it completely in Mozilla.  IS THERE A FIX FOR THIS YET?

as far as I know, only fix is for win10 64bits. Am reduced to use vivaldi on win 7 32bits and via on my android devices. Can't understand why it takes so long to address a bug that makes the browser totally unusable and, more seriously, leads the system to hang or crash totally, leading to a reboot. Gross

I have the same problem, during the auto udate process the Firefox is unusable and very slow. It´s not possible to work with the browser. The only way to stop it, is to disable Speeddail during the work.

Hi, Speeddail fixed the problem without an update. It deletes all speeddails self and shows only the default speeddails.

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