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Bug in latest release: Open all dials

flo de 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

With the FVD Speed Dial release from 9th october there is a bug with the open all dials feature.

Currently I have 4 groups with serval dials. The first group contains 6 dials and I usually open them with this feature "open all dials".

But with this release if I use this feature the dials of this group opens + beside a secind firefox window opens with the dials from other groups. The weird thing is that the wrong dials are not open all at once, it opens with a delay of 10 seconds and each one closes itself before the next one opens.

Under review

I forwarded to developer to check. Thank you.

Additional info: I know now the root cause for this issue. The second firefox window opens due to auto update function for the dials with website preview instead of an icon.

Exactly. Thanks.

Now without Auto Update Dials it's not annying me anymore