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Never ending updating of dial screenshots

Coby Heise 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 1

FVD for FF was updated automatically, and ever since, every time I open FF, it goes through each of my 63 dials and attempts to update their screenshots. Not sure if it's actually updating them, but I see a new, hidden window appear in my Windows 7 taskbar, right next to the active FF window w/ FVD in it, and the hidden window cycles through all the dials I have, displaying the hidden window for about 5-7 seconds each. I could do an animated screen capture to show you this if desired. Thanks!

Under review

We got many error reports, rolled back to the previous version. Just reinstall the extension.

Once we finish fixing major problems, we will launch a new update. Most likely you will have the same problem again.
You will need to do following:
Option  #1 #2 or #3

Unfortunately, you can't keep older version for a long because new FF57+ will automatically disable it. There is nothing we can do, that's how Firefox team implemented. 
We try to fix everything that is possible.

Highly recommend using EverSync to backup your dails.

Thank you.