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melanhonik 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 1

I was using this addon since I remember using Firefox for browsing and I
couldn't be happier, but this recent update ruined it all.
No major issues but THIS LITTLE F*CKING POPUP WINDOW every time I click on Speed Dial is a UX nightmare!..
Who came up with the idea of rubbing this useless menu in the face of the user everytime??

It's like I am being poked in my eyes all the time.. You absolutely have to get rid of this as soon as possible..

Under review


This is the simples option, not always help but we encourage to try. 

- Copy and paste in address bar about:support  
- Select following http://nimb.ws/Vm5pjy 
- Rename this folder to any name and restart Firefox http://nimb.ws/awxfuW BUT don't delete it. Just rename. 

If it won't help, let us know.