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Spacing between the lines in new version too much

jasiralavi hace 7 años actualizado por nimbusweb hace 7 años 3

I used to have a very compact layout with 8 columns and very little space between the lines (I wasn't using dial names or links). So I used to get about 5 lines showing in the screen, helping me to get to the sites very easily. But now the new version has screwed up everything. Even if i uncheck the dial names and website links, etc, it still shows all the empty space.

and oh, btw, the new default 3d looks pethetic with bad quality rendering of the images. Please bring back the old thing!

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please post screenshot

The gap between the rows used to be much smaller earlier. I don't have a screenshot of the old one. here's how it looks now: https://screenshots.firefox.com/w9LvCnSiZptGT7la/null

I think users may be given the option to set the space between the dials.

Also, I'm unable to to set a custom bg image now. I shows a white bg on restart. So now I've set to your default bg.

Thirdly, there should be an option to hide the fvd icon that shows inside the location field.

Got it. Will add it to our todo!