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crislaza 5 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 5

If using a custom background image, it will disappear upon restarting Firefox.

Upon restoring a backup speed dial, all dials came back as blanks, without their associated images.

Under review

Did you have custom images, from gallery or auto-generated?

Did you Clean Cookies or Cache?

Also, extensions like CCleaners clean it and break. Do you use cleaners?

Thank you.

I don't use cleaners.

Images for the tabs are selected from the custom option available in edit tab. (And btw, it is impossible to do so for a tab associated to google.com, which is definitely not normal.)

Just to avoid wasting time: nothing changed in my PC except the Speed Dial update.

Please contact us team@nimbusweb.co and mention this topic.

Our developer will make a teamview with you to solve the problem