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Make it possible to roll back, because the latest version is a mess.

m_gervasi 7 lat temu zaktualizowano 7 lat temu 2

Visually I don't find the new version appealing, since it's made my thumbnails harder to identify by zooming them in too far and blurring them.  Also, this version introduced a delay before loading when I'd open my web browser and it wouldn't appear at all in new tabs, but once I set it up to open in new tabs it would no longer open when I first loaded up my web browser even though it's set as my homepage.  This add-on was working fine until the latest update and I'd just like to roll back until it's fixed.  Or forever.

W trakcie analizy


We rolled back to the previous version.
Please reinstall the extension.

Well, that was easy.  Looks good again, thanks!