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How to start speed dial

BGupta 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 4

I am using FVD speed dial for a long time on Firefox on windows 8.1. Current version of firefox 55.0.3 (64). On September 25 Speed dial was working correctly. On 26th morning, when I started laptop and firefox, the Speed dial disappeared.

Please let me now how to restore it. It has many dials in several groups, collected over years.

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We rolled back to previous version.

Please reinstall the extension.

To reinstall, I will have to 'Remove'  the extension using Add-on Manager. Will I get back by earlier dials? If not, how to restore them?

We strongly recommend to backup all your dials. It is better to use


but if you uninstall and install - you dials should be there because when you delete extensions, theirs data still in your firefox profile unless you have settings to clean everything.