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New speaddial for firefox is a disaster!!!

umpahpah 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 4

New update is just terrible. I don't know where to start, listing what is wrong:

1 - from time to time speedily just don't appear when starting Firefox
2 - password is not working at all
3 - speed-dial wont load preview or refresh - it is just loading with blank dial endlessly
4 - it is much slower changing from group to group
5 - sometimes it crush Firefox
6 - backup speed-dial to the file, the nice ans simple solution is gone
7 - online backups doesn't indicate that you actually made a backup at all

Enough? 7 items for 2 hours! It need to be really talented to ruin one of the best Firefox extensions  like this! I will mark you with 2 start just for the good old speed-dial, for now.

And yes - do you guys ever test the app before releasing it?!

Under review


We apologize for that update. We rolled back to previous version.

Use Eversync to backup your dials.


Also, you can reinstall the extension and it will restore previous functionality.

Thanks for rolling back while you get the new version fixed. Much appreciated. Good luck with fixing the new version!

Could i recommend launching the new plugin (once you get it fixed) separately from the old one and trialing it like a beta next time?

Why thanking? Lot of people wasted lot of hours and some of them lot of bookmarks due to a sloppy development! This is outrageous!

New Firefox Legacy 57 will be completely different from what you are using right now. Old extension WILL NOT work. The only option is to completely rebuild them to the new WebEX legacy, otherwise, FVD Speed Dial won't work with FF 57 or higher. New legacy has more limitations for the extension developers but we hope Mozilla team improves it eventually.

We rolled back to old version, due to your feedback. Right now, we do our best to fix all issues .

We strongly reccomend to backup all your dials. It is better to use
But you also have option backup into file.