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Speeddial does not open when firefox start

umpahpah il y a 3 ans mis à jour par nimbusweb il y a 3 ans 5

After the today's update, speeddial is not appearing when I start the firefox session - when I click on the icon, I got the blank page. And it was working fine, why you need to ruin it?!

hey mine was fine last week but todays update did this same thing to me i have to open a new tab for it load speed dial, this defeats the purpose i like use it for to have my common sites 1 click away, not 2 clicks away, i can just use bookmarks if i want that just wont look cool

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We rolled back to the previous version.
Please reinstall the extension.

I'm have the same problem but it keep crashing firefox.

Hi there.

After years using this great extension, I started having problems a few days ago.

The new version of FVD was installed but now everytime I restart Firefox, the FVD configuration comes back to default and that includes not having FVD as my default homepage.

Any workaround to this problem?