Homepage slow to load

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The new update has made FVD really slow and doesn't load directly when firefox is opened i.e. it shows the mozilla homepage first and then after 1-2 seconds loads FVD.


Try to restart browser.

How many dials do you have?

Hi, im also having a similar problem as OP. I've restarted my browser and even tried with a new profile but it definately seems likes its a problem with the extension itself. It doesn't load on launch of firefox like it use to and instead now shows the mozilla homepage and then a bit a later the fvd dials page. I've tried changing the homepage settings in firefox but it appears the extension also now doesn't have a bookmarkable url that can launch the extension straight away?

I have 130 dials, but again, this didn't use to be a problem and i've tried with a clean slate and the problem still exists.

I've reverted back to the previous version and it definately loads straight to FVD. possible because it has a bookmarkable url to set as the firefox homepage? i.e. chrome://fvd.speeddial/content/fvd_about_blank.html

We rolled back to previous version.
Please reinstall the extension.