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kr4hm 7 лет назад обновлен nimbusweb 7 лет назад 5

Hello good afternoon, thanks for the new update, with it I have lost all the dials, not the groups, and with the new system of import I can not restore them since it does not support the files "BACKUP.SD"

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We launched new WebEx legacy FVD Speed dial. That requirement of FF otherwise they disable it.

Would you like to make a teamviewer.com with our developer to check the problem?

thanks for your prompt attention, has disabled the plugin in FF, restarted FF and PC,

after reinstalling the plugin I was able to recover the dials
thanks so much


Thank you for contacting us.

Also, try to restart your Browser. That may help.

if you have Ublock Extension - you need to disable it, restart browser and enable it again.

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