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Firefox 57 update disabled the extension

liga_zarina 6 years ago updated by knookie 5 years ago 5

Firefox has updated to version 57 and in process has disabled the extension. You can't use it any more. The problem is that all my bookmarks were there. How do I access/recover them? Is there a backup file of some sort?

I have the same problem. Firefox Developer updated and FVD Speed Dial is disabled due to compatibility. I am using regular Firefox and do not plan to update. It would be great if FVD would update Speed Dial so it will be compatible to new train of Firefox releases.

There is a feature top export/import your bookmarks. If you did not do this then you may need to wait for an update from FVD for Speed Dial. If you exported settings, they are accessible here.

Global Options

Sync Button

Select Backup Tab

Export or Import.

Default file name: speeddial.sd

I set my export to My Documents\Firefox\speeddial.sd

I do not remember the default download location but it is likely to just be the download folder.

Again, this is manual process and if you did not export book marks, then you will need to add them to regular Firefox bookmarks as you remember them.

Thanks for the answers.

I ended up downloading older/previous version of Firefox and that allowed me to access the bookmarks to copy them. It only works while the browser is open - when I closed the browser, it updated again. (Might have to change setting to stop auto update if needed.) 

I hadn't exported the bookmarks because I really don't like the Firefox bookmarks, hence the bookmark extension. 

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We are already uploaded Firefox WebEx version. It's still under the review. Mozilla team is very slow reviewing extensions.

Same issue here - let's hope they get it up and running again soon