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Speed Dial [FVD] ver.: 32.1.1 [ August 26, 2017] not working

Bogusław Hutniczak 7 year бұрын жаңартылды 7 year бұрын 2

After this update, Speed Dial does not work :-(
Only an empty card is displayed.
The 'Options' menu is not available.
Only after deleting the folder
... \ UCBrowser \ User Data_i18n \ Default \ Extensions \ llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa \ 32.1.1_0 \
I use Dials on ver. 30.1.1
But after the automatic upgrade of the extension to version 32.1.1 and any Dials do not work again.
This is a very uncomfortable method.
I am waiting for the upgrade or the release of version 30.1.1.


Under review


But maybe problem in UcBrowser? DId you chec k in standard Chrome browser?

No, because I use XP. 

On Wn7 with UC Browser  also no working with 32.1.1  

(On Chrome v.32.1.1 is OK)

I use old version UCB . I can stop it's autoupdate.

Problem with v.32.1.1

I can't stop update from 30.1.1 to 32.1.1