Can't change the account

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I want to reset the acccount that I use for Speed Dial as I have two, one for Firefox and one for Chrome. Can't do it.

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Do you want to delete old account?

No I want to keep using different accounts. But I accidentially logged in into other account, and don't see a setting to switch back

Do wan to use two different base of dias at same time?

No. I use them in different browsers

You want to log out from account #1 and log in to account #2 and automatically see dials of account #2 ?

If yes, then it doesn't work this way. You should Download all dials from account #2 to see them instead of dials of previous account #1

All dials and bookmarks are kept in browser even after logout.

I guess this option can help you in your case

Also there is no account switching option. Only 1 account at a time

Sorry for the confusion let me clarify.

1) I use Account "A" for my Chrome browser that I use for personal needs.

2) I use account "B" for my Firefox browser that I use for work.

Accidentially I signed to account "A" on Firefox and downloaded all my business tabs and links. Now I want to log out of account "A" on Firefox and log in to account "B". Both accounts are necessary and each is used for it's special case.


Ok. Now we understand you.

There are two logout buttons in firefox:

In chrome:

Also you can open everhelper.me/client/ (web version) and logout there.