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new dials keep spinning, select merge or upload from server?

Bell 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 5 years ago 3

Refreshed firefox, had to reload several programs. Finally got speed dial back..had to get everhelper and eversynch again. Now new dials just keep spinning. I keep selecting Merge but nothinghappens. I tried Upload from servier not really understanding what that means, and some dials are now in the wrong groups, some are missing...looks like an older version before deleting a lot unused dials. I rely on speed dial every day and just want my dials back and new ones to load in.

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Now new dials just keep spinning - sync was successful? Do you see spinner instead preview image?

i had the same thing here. Everything is synced, but there are only spinners instead of preview images. I hoped to find the answer here... Can someone help? Thanks a lot in advance

This is in chrome btw

Wait till FF 57 will be released and reinstall the extension