Dials titles don't display under Mac OS Sierra

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With Chrome v59 and Speed Dial FVD v30.1.1

the titles don't display on the top of the dials under Mac OS Sierra on a MacBook Pro

I have same configuration (Chrome + Speed Dial FVD) on an iMac with OS El Capitan and it works fine

Under review

Can you send screenshots of your problem? Is it Fancy or Standard style? I have titles above dials in Standard mode. In Fancy mode dials should't have titles.

It is the

Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync...


The screenshot below shows the icon on the top of the dials but the titles are not displayed.

This title is essential to me because I have numerous dials with very long urls and where the title is the only thing that helps me


Could you, please, open Font settings and make screenshot for us? 


May be it's a white font on white background there.

Oh waooo!

You're absolutely right! It's something I never configured even on the iMac so it didn't cross my mind.

Bloody well done and thank you so much for your reactivity and big help