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Sync does not sync, or even save, the hit counts

chipwiegand 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 2

Why doesn't sync save the hit counts? I have done many syncs with various computers and the "popular" group is never correct, in fact, it always contains tiles that are the least used of all. And every single tile is copied with 0 (zero) as the hit count. That's my only complaint, otherwise I think it's a great add-on. BTW, I use, primarily, Firefox, always updated to the latest version.

hmmm, no "edit" option on my own messages :(. Ok, so there is the option to turn on "Most Visited", but why is that different from "Popular"? Aren't those two terms the same in this context? I want the "Most Visited" sites on my "Popular" page so I have the other tabs available. Those other tabs are not available when using the "Most Visited" view. And the "Most Visited" view also has the click counts which the other tabs, the Popular tab for example, do not have. I don't understand any of this. It makes no sense to me.

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Popular - this group doesn't sync, that's a local group for popular websites on a particular browser. That's for your Speed Dials

Most Visited - websites that you visit.