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FVD Speed Dial on Microsoft Edge?

UniZebra 7 лет назад обновлен Jim Rome 3 года назад 16

I love the FVD Speed Dial and I'm using it on both Chrome and Firefox but is there going to be Microsoft edge version too? Because to be honest the only thing that's holding me back from using Edge is that

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Their current functionality very limited for the developers. They don't allow override New Tab Page etc..We're waiting once they change it.


Speed Dial works on the new Edge (based on Chromium). But it brings EdgeDev to a halt. Startup takes 5 minutes. CPU goes to 400%. All is well if I remove Speed Dail and


No answer on this. SpeedDial Kille Firefox


We wil optimize FVD Speed Dial for Microsoft Edge. but some later.


It is awful on Firefox also. It sits for minutes before being responsive if Speeddial is

Any updates? Looking forward to have working well on Edge


Not yet, but we will try to do it.

Firefox still takes forever to start is the FVD sync is activated, and it comes up with a screen of tiny icons. No idea what they are.


Could you send screenshot with problem?

Actually I just managed to run it on Edge. It works like a charm :) I didn't know I have to enable installing apps from other shps. Finally with google shop I got it installed synced and working. 

Yes. Probably 500. 

And this image on Firefox Developer shows what I see opening a new SpeedDial tab:

Could you tell me version of browser?

I posted it, and the post disappeared!

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