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fix the issue with fvd speeddial losing dials and even the stuff in settings that i have set already and been using for months now

RayLoyed 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 1

my speeddial was working great when i went to bed at 4am this morning,now,all of my dials are gone in firefox and according to my setting or options whichever you wanna call it,my account is still setup in my fvd in firefox,but nothing is showing up,every setting i have made hasnt changed its just my dials arenty showing up this morning..i go thru this almost every month in 1 or all of my browsers n my pc or laptop,this app is a bad joke in android and so is the eversync app,,,seems like the problems are becoming more than just an android tablet problem..please fix your app to work all the time.

Under review


please contact as team@nimbusweb.co

Mention this topic. We will troubleshoot it with you.

Thank you.