Location of the spead dial shoud be user specifiable.

David Williams 7 aastat tagasi uuendatud 7 aastat tagasi 4

I know from personal experience (and some UI research, long ago) that its more efficient to remember the "location" of where to click, such as "lower left corner" rather then to search for an image or name in a (moving) list.



Do you want to move dials to other places?

Are you asking me? If I want to move the dials to other places? I'd think that would be obvious from what I wrote, but the answer is "yes". For example, I prefer my "dials" to be in, say, a 4x5 grid. Some may be empty, but I like a particular one to be in the lower left corner. Then others, say of a certain "type" such as different bug queries, to be along the right hand edge. And, if I add a new one, I would not want those "moving around" just because I added a new one.

So, you want them organize in a free way as icon on the desktop?

Yes. A "grid" is ok, though, doesn't have to be *completely* free, as some desktops are.