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Speed up display of "SpeedDial" when displaying it on a new card

Yogurotto 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 5

Speed Dial supposed to have speed, but now I have to wait which is annoying.

I don't want an animation I want speed.

The rest is great!

This is an usability bug - the main reason to have speed dial is to enable users to speed up their work...

Under review


Did you try to use Standard, not 3D mode?

How to use Standard instead of 3D? I've checked the settings and haven't found in 5 minutes - maybe the issue is that the settings menu isn't user friendly.

Thanks for getting back so quickly!

Thanks for the hint. I understand that the "Standard' should be selected.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help.

As far as I'm a fun of your add on I'd like to help you so that your product is better, therefore, let me know what I should do and I'll share us much information as I'll be able - just ask to run a specific test or record how it works...



Hmm, problem with speed even after disabling 3D mode? Please try to clean cookies and cache.