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fix the option to open dials in new tab

loopygram 6 years ago updated by aceventura2 6 years ago 7

I have it checked but it's not working. Each dial just opens in the same tab as my speed dial page in Firefox. Not good.

Under review


Hmm, did change this behaviour in the Settings?

Yes as I said I have it checked to open pages in new tabs but it doesn't and even if I right click on the dial and choose 'open in new tab' sometimes it still opens in the FVD speed dial page.

Tell me your OS and version of FF.

OS is Windows 10 and not sure what FF is? Is that FVD Speed Dial? I just downloaded it for Firefox so I'm assuming it's the latest version.

Is Speed Dial 2 one of your's also? I prefer it but can't seem to find it for FIrefox.

Can we try http://teamviewer.com/ I can't repeat problem.

FF means Firefox

I am facing a similar issue. There is no Plus Sign besides the tab on top ...after I updated to Firefox V53. So I cannot open a new tab unless I duplicate a tab or click on a link and chose "open in new tab" option. If the issue is solved please please let me know how. Thanks in advance.