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Eversync Widget does not display 'popular' as per FVD Speed Dial

John Longman il y a 7 ans mis à jour il y a 7 ans 7

I have FVD Speed Dial on Chrome and Firefox. I use the Eversync Widget on my Android device. The thumbnails displayed by default on the Widget for quick access do not correspond to my frequently used sites on Chrome and Firefox. That is, the items that show up in the 'Popular' Group in FVD Speed Dial.

These should be synchronised I would say, with the widget displaying at the top, the items appearing in the 'Popular' group in FVD Speed Dial.


We don't sync this folder now. We will add this feature later.

Thank you, that will be a significant improvment :-)

Please may I ask where the Eversync Android Widget gets its thumbnails data from. I would like to try and edit these if I can.

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App getting images from our gallery or makes from site.

Thanks, but I mean sites I have visited - I thought it was from my Chrome 'bookmarks' but I have edited these and it has not changed. So where is the widget getting the data about my most visited websites from please?

These are the sites that you most often opened through EverSync

Well, that makes perfect sense. Further to previous, it would be great if the was a 'Setting' to allow Eversync to optionally use the 'Popular' group from FVD Filesync. I hope that feature may be implemented sometime in the future. Thanks.