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Enable auto-refresh for manual preview mode.

Кирилл Длусский 6 years ago updated by nimbusweb 6 years ago 3

For many sites I want to see the content portion in a thumbnail, and also need it to be auto-updated every half an hour. For example, https://p.ya.ru/2

I either get auto-updated unusable thumbnail (auto cropping hides all the good stuff) or i get a good thumbnail, but without auto-updates(

Under review

If you use auto-update without crop, default cropping will crop part of the page automatically.

But for weather in your case it will not work as you want.

Yup, that's why i suggest adding auto-updating to the manually cropped thumbnails. I really liked this feature in Speed Dial extension for FF. There is no extension with this feature for chrome-based browsers, but yours is the best out there, and the auto-update is already implemented for auto-cropped thumbs, so i thought it would be relatively easy for you to implement.

Thank you)

We will check with the developer if it possible