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Eversync will no more sync on chrome

cjeret 7 years ago updated by nimbusweb 7 years ago 6

I used Eversync for some years but from a few months ago whn trying to sync in syncs "forever" !!!

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Please tell me your Antivirus. Did you try to download or upload dials?

First I wont to inform that on Firefox all works OK !!!!

My Antivirus is Avira .

I am tryin to sync in downloading dials , on Firefox it works with no problem but on chrome it keeps endless syncing on 3 different computers , the same !!

Please try to disabl Avira. Avira blocks sync features. We wrote to Avira and waiting feedback.

Hello Support , Thanks !!!

You are absolutely right !!!!

After dissabeling the antivirus the sync worked normally !!!

Please in for me when You get a solution from Aviara ...