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Dials (Links) should also be to be arranged manually ,so that screen can be customized mannually and only if activated automatic sorting should take over

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It's a pity that it's not possible to move around the dials as I want so that I can arrange the icons in my sequence using the virtual grids even some cells of the grids are not yet filled.

The automatic sequencing is not very helpful here.

Overall I like the addon.

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You can organize them manually except Popular group.


Dear team, thanks for the fast reply!

What I meant is that I would like to drag and drop dial entry / icon from one place to another and that then the program doesn't arrange all icons in one sequence if there is no need to do so.

E.g. moving an icon on an empty cell, the icon should stay there and not be moved to the end of the sequence.

As a result it would be possible that cells in a row are left 'empty'.


ok. got it. will transffer to dev. team


Hi ... U asked for this 4 years ago ?

I raised this up 4 months ago and nothing has been done ... disappointing ?